Zari Celebrates Her Photographer’s Birthday- See The Mesaage

Well, when you do a commendable job, even your boss will remember your important days such as birthdays and anniversaries. This is a very random occurrence. Yes, it is never easy to find employers wishing their employees happy birthdays unless there is a special connection between the two, or the employee is super good and productive.

It looks like Zari’s photographer has been doing an excellent job in producing the best pictures for Zari. Capturing every moment that Zari might want to keep and cherish forever on time. This guy is a trusted human to Zari because he takes even the most controversial picture you might think of. Likes of Zari showing off her breast, and kissing kingBae.

Zari Kissing her bae at their ‘future backyard’ access films had to capture the moment and as usual hide the face of Kingbae.

Only a trusted photographer can be allowed to take this.


On the other Side, Zaris photographer has been very faithful in keeping KingBaes Photos safe. He must be highly disciplined because he has never thought of leaking the face of King Bae to the media despite various offers from bloggers to leak the image.  He also keeps his camera and other electronics safe to ensure that King Bae’s pictures do not land in the wrong hands.

at one point he shared Zari’s new house and made sure that the location was hidden. Take a look

For all these favors that this man had done to Zari, she had a reason to celebrate his birthday. On May First, Zaris photographer turned a year older and Zari took to social media and shared a picture of his photographer with a caption of birthday wishes. here you go!

Happy birthday to my baddest phottographer@accessfilems

Zari wrote.

This shows how close they are.





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