‘Humble’ Mjengo Man Arrested after Sodomy Reports

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A man is cooling off his feet at a police station in Chuka following his arrest on Saturday after he was found to have defiled three primary kids.

Everything was going on well until a Headteacher of the boys found the three children fighting over a Sh10 coin which they said was given to one of them after an act of sodomy.

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Reports by the Nation revealed that the 38-year-old suspect was living in a single room at Kiamucii village in Chuka sub-County where he had been defiling the children since December of 2018.

Opening up to their headteacher, the boys told their school headteacher that they had been given the Sh10 to share amongst each other after “enduring the painful act.”

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The boys are said to come from extremely poor families in Chuka and were regularly frequenting the man’s house after school.

A medical report revealed that the kids had indeed been sodomized and the man was apprehended awaiting to be charged in Court.

The suspect is a common figure in the area where children are said to swarm his house to ‘play with him.

Residents said the suspect was a humble man who always went to church on Sundays and was loved by children in the area.

“The suspect goes to church every Sunday and we least expected him to commit such a crime,” remarked Mr Joseph Kimathi, a Chuka resident.



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