Shock therapy against mattress banking, KOT excited as CBK gives a deadline for note exchange

As the Central Bank of Kenya unveils the new note, Kenyans on Twitter have come out excited noting that the move will help the government get hold of the corrupt individuals.

There have been rumours and speculations that some big shot individuals have been hiding money earned through corruption in their houses to avoid been caught transferring bulk money to the bank.

During the launch, the CBK governor Patrick Njoroge noted that all Kenyans are expected to have exchanged the older notes with the new ones by October 1, 2019, after which the older ones will cease to be legal tender.

“All persons have until October 1, 2019, to exchange Ksh 1000 banknotes for the new generation bank notes, after which the older notes will cease to be legal tender” ~ Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge”

Kenyans online could not hide their excitement following the new announcement which will now have the government catch the corrupt individual.

While talking t twitter here are some reactions from Kenyans.

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