Origi Strikes Again! Welcome to Football Greatness Our Kenyan Son

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If one man has been the diamond that Liverpool has badly needed in their toughest hour, then it is Divock Origi. He has certainly made Kenya proud, thanks to his prolific play and ensuring that Liverpool win the highly coveted Champons League trophy.

Indeed, it was Origi’s amazing strike at the 87th minute that secured the Reds their sixth Champions League trophy in their history. The young skipper capitalized from a defensive error on the edge of the box to receive the ball from one of his teammates and burying it in the bottom left corner past Lloris.

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For many, Origi has been the unsung hero that has carried Liverpool in its darkest hour when big names such as Salah, Mane, and Firmino were underperforming or have been injured.

What is most impressive about Origi is his attacking position, always being in the right place at the right time to capitalize on set plays, defensive errors, and attacking runs.

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In fact, he was a key catalyst of Liverpool’s historic comeback at Anfield that saw the Reds demolish Barcelona 4-0 with Origi netting a brace.

And now, Origi has certainly cemented his name as one of Liverpool’s fundamental super-subs by helping the Reds secure their sixth Champions league title in history.

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If anything, Liverpool will be looking to keep Origi on a long-term basis and he certainly deserves all the credit, silverware, and fame he deserved.

For now, it will be party mood for all Reds fans both at Anfield and around the world!


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