Willy Paul Cries Foul as Patoranking Takes Over Nandy

Kenyan musician WillyPaul, Nandy, Patoraning and other artists are set to perform at a concert dubbed  Choma Na Ngoma.

The concert that has been organized by RadioMaisha will be going down on Friday, May 31, at KICC and Willy Paul will be performing alongside Patoranking, SautiSol, Nandy, Hart the Band, and Alicios.


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Choma na Ngoma loading… Expect a big show ya Willy Paul na Nandy pale KICC #ChomaNaNgoma

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Now on Thursday, 3oth willy Paul Nandy and Patoranking had a sitting where Patoranking left Willy Paul wallowing in pure jealousy.

Willy Paul has been so close to Nandy especially during her gigs in Kenya.

However, this particular Day Nandy shifted her attention from willy Paul and gave it all to the Nigerian Star; Patoranking. In response, Patoranking reciprocated giving Nandy the same amount of attention even to a point of opening a water bottle for her.

This did not go well with Willy Paul who took to social media and expressed his disappointments. Look at what Willy Paul Wrote;


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@patorankingfire @officialynandy ayaah sawa… TUENDELEE #hallelujah1

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Willy pauls Post on Instagram evoked reactions from his fans and this is what they said;

Ur not romantic how can u let someone else…afungulie mkunwa wako Mani…. hvo ndo utaachilia ikafunguliwe ikunwe kama hauko

Someone is jealousy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

😂😂😂 unaibiwa

Chunga patoranking bro😂

Willy unakaa nikama unasikia kivile coz patoranking is taking charge.

Wakunaji wawili sasa🤸🤣🤸🤣🤸🤣🤸

Usha pana sivu sasa

Mtaachana tu 🙄🙄

@willy.paul.msafi Ni wivu tu😂😂😂

Bwana Mkunyaji leo anaona na mdomo tu 😂😂😂
Ile kuchoka mlujubeng imechoka hadi unaangalia nandy shingo upande



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