Lifts are Dangerous: This Is How You Can be Safe in Them

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Most people just hop into the lifts once the door opens and off they go to whichever floor of the building they desire.

They assume the lift is this safe zone with minimal to no injury. It is true.

However, not all lifts are safe all the time. In fact, lifts too have accidents, malfunctions and fatal mishaps that have claimed the lives of thousands of people throughout the world and injured more.

Lifts, once you read this article to the end, are some of the death traps of this world that no one talks about because most people find themselves safe.

Because you can never be so sure when the lift will develop mechanical problems when you are in it.

What do I do?

Now that you appreciate the risks involved in a lift, these are some of the ways to be safe just in case something unexpected happens when you are in the lift.

Be Very Alert

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It does not necessarily mean that the floor of the lift is available when its door opens.

The truth is that you could fall deep down all the way to the ground floor when you just hop in without checking if the lift floor is actually available for you to step on it.

When you have children with you, it is even advisable to hold their hands before you hop into the lift. Avoid instances where you have children running into the lift without guidance.

Watch Your Dressing

Dresses and lifts do not have a direct relationship. But if you look at it closely, you will appreciate the huge risk factor posed by your dressing when on the lift.

First, cases of people having their shoelaces trapped into the lift and their feet minced are commonplace.

When you have children, ensure their shoelaces are tied before you approach the  lift.

Long dresses are also a major area of concern in the lift. Ensure you have your dress completely onto the lift floor before any movement begins. Once a piece of the dress is sucked into the space between the lift enclosure and the wall, you could be dead meat.


Always look out for slippery floors. That one slip could cost you your life. In May 2019, the brother to Uasin GIshu County governor tripped and fell into a space where a lift lobby was to be constructed. He died on the spot.

Do not lean on the Sides


The sides of the lift are some of the most dangerous areas. Prefer to stay in the middle of the lift most of the times when you have the chance.

The side of the lift is where your cloth could be trapped, resulting in untold suffering.

Also, always choose to hold the rails on the lift for increased stability.

While the rails may not be one of the tidiest places, your safety in the lift could depend on them.

You could use a piece of hygiene papers to act as a buffer between the rail and your hands. This protects you from germs.

Also, avoid pressing the lift buttons with your bare fingers as they hold loads of germs on them. Instead, use hygiene papers to press them.

The rule of thumb is to be alert before you get into the lift and while you are inside.



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