Here’s why you don’t need a Sponsor if you can M-Shwari


There are times I look at my account and the only thing I feel is fear, then I go to my M-pesa and thankfully since I save with M-Shwari I must say it has been good to me. You will never need any kind of sponsor if you plan yourself with such a good service.

You may be wondering how M-Shwari will make you ditch your sponsor but it really is very simple. In order to be successful you need to have savings, you need to have the option of taking a loan once in a while when you’re financially strained.

1. You can save money 

I personally started saving with M-Shwari because I found myself using my money before I even got to the bank. Now when you have money that you need to save as soon as possible all you need to do is put it in your M-Shwari and make sure you lock it.

2. You choose the target amount you would like to save 

There’s nothing more motivating than being able to reach your target and M-Shwari gives you that option. It gives you the option of setting the target amount you would like to reach and the duration it will take you. This just motivates me because I start feeling like I shouldn’t misuse my money while I could put in in account and hit the target.

3. It’s accessible for rainy days

I wouldn’t advise you to look at your savings as something to keep using whenever you’re broke. Manage your budget well enough and you won’t have to use your savings. On the other hand there are those days when you’re too broke and you really need to get some money. Most banks would take some time to let you get money from your fixed account but from your M-Shwari you can. If you have a locked account it will take 48 hours to get some money.

4. Savings account earns interest 

Isn’t this great? M-Shwari pays interest ranging from two percent to five percent, based on a customer’s average daily balance. Not many mobile banks can give you such a great offer, so the more you save the better.

5. You can get a loan

I don’t like getting loans but let’s face it, the option of getting one is just a life saver. This is the part where you wonder why you ever have to be dependent on anyone? If you need to get a loan M-Shwari will give you one as a long as you have been saving with them.

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Honestly the only way to get better as a woman is by being independent and planning your financial life.  I honestly would never have saved as much as I do now if I didn’t have a mobile banking option.The decision to be empowered is really up to you and this is the first step.

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