IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN: Properly “Giving It” to your Girl

Generally speaking,  we rarely see articles on how to go down on your girl right. Right? I mean, ladies you ought to show your man this in order to understand how to sort you out. It can’t always be about the man, when the man is nothing without the WO-man. So here are tips you should tell your man about going down on you. You’ll thank me later.

1. Make her totally COMFORTABLE

If you haven’t figured out by now, sometimes it can take a woman a lot longer to reach orgasm than a man. It’s not a secret, it’s science, so suck it up. Make sure she’s in the most comfortable position possible. You wouldn’t want her fighting for her dear life when she’s the least comfortable. right?

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2. A little teasing goes a long way

Don’t just get right into it. Like wtf bruh? Sex is an art. It takes a while for you to get the hang of it and in the mood. So, please play with her a little bit. You can use your fingers or even your tongue. Just make sure she’s up for it and you’re doing it right. Don’t miss a spot either.  You’ve got to build up to the main event and heighten the anticipation. Basically, the tension should be unbearable, in a damn good way. You feel me?

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3. Use your hands

Sure, during oral sex, your mouth’s gonna be doing the majority of the work but don’t just lie there with your head between her legs flickin’ your tongue like a bloody snake. You’ve got limbs remember that fam. Grab her thighs, stroke her tummy… you know what I mean. Enhance the experience, make her feel really wanted and get your hands all over her!

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4. Use your fingers. .too

Oh, yeah. When people think of oral sex, they think it’s the law to just use your tongue and nothing else. This is false info peeps so fuck that. Guys, this is the moment the coin drops. I don’t mean go all about finger blasting and the likes. (she is not a PlayStation)  Just tease her. And right as she reaches orgasm that’s when to start the finger foreplay. I’m telling you now, you’ll realise why when she’s grabbing the back of your head and losing her mind. You may thank me later.

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5. Pay attention

We all know guys attention span is like that of a pig. Confused. Guys, pay attention to her body language from her hip movement, to physical expression and facial too.  It’s not a mystery when you start to recognise what makes her tick, and when you do, you know to eat, sleep, *do whatever is making her grab the bedsheets*, repeat. Lol

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6. Keep your tongue in check

Okay, think of it this way. Your tongue is made of metal and her clitoris is a magnet. That’s where your tongue should be, and keep it there. That’s literally all it takes.  You’ve built up the anticipation, you’re working her erotic zones and now, you need to lick at a pace as if your life depends on it. That’s it. Nothing else… Remember, your life does depend on it.

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So ladies here is something you need to share with your man. Like, let him in on how to do it right. It’s not rocket science. So? It shouldn’t be an issue. Right? Y’all are welcome na!.

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