#MOTHERHOOD101: Best Postpartum Care Tips for your Cookie

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Just the way your baby need TLC, coochie needs it too; especially if you ever want it to go back to normal. , your vagina, perineum and rectum are going to need some serious attention . Have no fear new moms , Here is a guide to postpartum care just for you.

1. Rest. . . lots and lots of it

You just got back home with the new addition to the family. I bet you’re wondering where the heck will I get the time to rest and I have a baby to take care of? Worry not love, this means that you just take things easy, don’t over exert yourself, for if you do, chances of letting the stitches come loose, are a bit high. Apply a little less pressure on your vagina so as to speed up the healing process. At least you’ll have your baby daddy, family and friends ready to help you out. okay?

5 Tips On How To Heal Your Vagina After Giving Birth

2. Hot or Cold

warm or cool compresses are amazing pain relievers and women definitely have preferences for their va-jay-jays, especially after giving birth. Some women like to switch from hot to cold, after every hour or so. Never use too hot and too cold materials and ensure you don’t leave it on for more than 20 minutes. Find an ice pack, or frozen beans..peas.., which can be a perfect compress. It works best and so it’s perfect for postpartum. As for heating pads, rice pads heated in the microwave work well to. Once you’ve finished using it after heating it up , you can throw it in the freezer and give your bottom a break while you switch temperatures. These compresses help ease the pain and numbness.

5 Tips On How To Heal Your Vagina After Giving Birth

3. Give your coochie a little spray

If a mom comes home after giving birth with some stitches, she needs to take particular care when the toilet is involved. She will avoid wiping as it will be too painful, lest she forgets. Instead, use a spray bottle to squirt lukewarm water ONLY, and then, pat it dry.  No wiping! This is very important to avoid irritating a very sensitive area even more, and to avoid the potential for infection of stitches. You can come up with a concoction that suits you best. But before you try it out, ensure that it will not cause any discomfort and irritation.

5 Tips On How To Heal Your Vagina After Giving Birth

4. Give her some air time

Sometimes all your coochie wants, is to breathe a little. Avoid suffocating her. You wouldn’t want your stitches becoming all humid and yucky now would you? Remember, she just pushed a baby out! She deserves extra extra treatment. It’s invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Just don’t get too comfortable; some people frown upon such things. You’ll need that towel in case of a mess, which can happen in those first couple weeks. You’ll also need to be sure anything you wear is not expensive or tough to launder for safety reasons.

5 Tips On How To Heal Your Vagina After Giving Birth

5. Keep your hands off ya coochie

Sometimes we’re curious as to how it looks like. It’s like when you get an injury, you can’t stop looking at it, touching it and even playing with it.  Problem is every time you mess with the area of stitches or a healing laceration, you risk introducing bacteria and germs to it and you don’t want an infection on top of the other healing issues you already  got.  Try to avoid touching the area as much as humanly possible. Go to the bathroom and use your spray water bottle , pat dry, and if possible air or blow dry your lower region. Your coochie and your bum bum. Wanna see how things are healing? it’s okay to be curious, after all. Then sit spread  and grab a hand mirror and check it out without your nasty fingers getting all in the mix.

5 Tips On How To Heal Your Vagina After Giving Birth

Don’t worry, you’ll have your vagina back to normal sooner than later. Just remember that you are capable of absolutely anything!

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