Uhuru: Expect a painful and unforgiving change

President Uhuru Kenyatta has echoed Hon Raila Odinga’s words of massive change to announce a painful and unforgiving change in the State.

In what President Uhuru Kenyatta is seen pushing for a constitutional amendment, he has announced a radical change on the government structure.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has stated that his government is prepared for a transformation agenda.

The head of state has claimed that despite sometimes the change having some mistakes, Kenya has to embrace change.

He insisted on the need of Kenya building a cohesive society which is a social economic agenda because it allows predictability of the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has argued that National Cohesive will allow the country to win investment beyond a five year election cycle.Moreover he added that this will end the painful chronicles which are associated with elections.

President is rooting for an election where people vote on ideas and not on the personality of the person.

This is a true calling for referendum which Deputy President William Ruto is so much against. DP Ruto rubbished Hon Raila Odinga’s call for a massive change which President Uhuru Kenyatta is now endorsing it.

This idea of Referendum is likely to be a cause of split in Jubilee Party as DP Ruto and his tangatanga team have boldly taken a stand which is more likely against the Referendum push.

here is what Uhuru Said in Details


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