“Tumejua nani ndio sponyo” Fena Gitu’s photo with Raila excites Kenyans

Kenyans have gone wild and crazy after female artiste Fena Gitu shared a photo of her with Raila Odinga.

Could she have requested for a collabo from the ODM Party leader? Speculations have been triggered as many try to unravel what the two talked about.

Fena Gitu met with Raila in a plane headed to Kenya after concluding her trip in Accra, Ghana.

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The Singer says meeting with Raila was such a big deal for her and she describes the experience as mindblowing and dumbfounding.

Fena responded to fans asking her to perform for Raila saying that she was so overwhelmed that she was about to sing the national anthem.

Although she did not disclose the details of their conversation, some Kenyans think that  Fena might have asked Raila to be featured in one of her songs.

Some Kenyans shut Fena’s excitement down saying that she posed for a photo with a thief and not a powerful person as she says.

Others  who shared different sentiments say that they have never seen Raila smile that broad and credit Fena for sharing the light moment with him.

Raila was in the company of other delegates including his son Raila Odinga Junior and some might think that Fena got a ride on a private plane.

On how she even got to seat next to Raila in the plane, Fena mentioned that her elevators pitch did the magic.

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In her Instagram post, Fena reveals that this meet up with Raila is a moment worth to bring her birthday month to a perfect close.

This post by Fena triggered a lot of excitement from her fans and reactions as well.

Have a look at this.


Tumejuwa nani ndio Sponyo


Hii ni flight ya Canaan!?…😂


mama yao akapatana na baba



mpe verse moja aiimbe


This aint no power..this a high end thief sis! #Revolution


How did you start explaining to him that you are an artist? I mean an encounter with these powerful people is usually intense,bfre you finish talking the bodyguards wako hapo kukutoa 😇



This is the best smile of baba captured. This is the Kenya we want. Such closure with us vibrant yut mahn. Bless you fena🔥😋


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂 anza kumake colabo na yy


Waaaaaa someone behind you couldn’t let you prosper



Finally wamlambez wamnyonyez😂😂🔥



Hahaha love it and @railajunior1 you win the photobomb game waaa 🙌🏾🙌🏾


@fenamenal huyo kijana wa baba hapo nyuma anahitaji huduma number 😂😂😂😂

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