Motorist in Kileleshwa shocked after cat jumps out of engine in broad daylight

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If you’re not in the habit of knocking on the hood of your car before you turn the engine on, then it’s time to start – you could save a life.

A man who was in his usual business in Nairobi’s upmarket of Kileleshwa has been left shocked after he spotted a cat jump out of a car engine when the bonnet was opened.

The poor kitty somehow found his way to a family’s car and wedged himself by the engine to keep warm, not knowing he was about to go for a very long road trip.

Cats love to find warm perches to lay on, and it seems like there’s nowhere better for them to bask than right on the hood of your car.Image result for CAT hiding in bonnet

Using an electronic or natural cat repellent can keep the cats away without hurting them and also prevent scratches in your car paint.

Nissan Japan has created the below video to raise awareness of this serious issue, and to encourage all car owners to knock on hoods before starting up their vehicles. A simple knock on a car hood can frighten a cat into jumping out of his hiding space before the engine heats up, saving his life.

With this video, Nissan takes a fun yet vital approach at reminding viewers of how important this act is during colder weather.



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