Yapping Miguna silenced as ODM calls for discipline and focus

The loud and shaming accusations from Dr Miguna Miguna are no longer welcomed in ODM.

The exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has been silenced over his accusations that Hon Raila Odinga betrayed Kenyans through the Handshake.

Miguna Miguna through his arguments, he has also always advocated for the people to rise up against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration.

But Junet Mohamed who is the closest associate to Hon Raila Odinga has engagedĀ  Hon Miguna Miguna telling him to choose either his fate or that of Hon Raila Odinga.

Hon Junet Mohamed has stated that if ODM followed Miguna’s direction the Party could have lost its agenda of uniting Kenyans.

Hon Junet has since told off Miguna Miguna that ODM party needs discipline and focus and not his distractions.

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