Aisha Jumwa Reveals What Made Her Join Ruto’s Camp

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has  been on the receiving end  for abandoning  ODM Party which led her to current parliamentary position.

Jumwa who moved to Deputy President’s camp has revealed what made her make her decision.

She claimed that the truth that made him support Dp Ruto was her consciousness for development.

Speaking at a church function in Bumula, Bungoma county, Jumwa defended his association with Ruto, as she argued that there was no problem in doing so since he is the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya.

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A video of her speech was shared by on his official Facebook page.

“I have decided to support William Samoei Ruto who is the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya,” argued Jumwa.

She narrated how the opposition party, ODM, which propelled her to parliament had made her become a psychopath who sang funny slogans, without understanding what they stood for.

“I joined him (Ruto) after being in ‘tibim’ and ‘tialala’ brigade, slogans I never got to understand their meanings. But we sang them because we, at first, trusted them,” observed the lawmaker.

Jumwa informed the gathering that she later discovered the truth after she heard and observed what the deputy president had been doing to Kenyans. She noted that truth will always triumph over lies.

She further said, “However, there was no way the truth was going to compete with a lie.”

The ODM Rebel MP said she came to realise that Ruto could be found where every issue concerning social and economic development was being addressed.

“I observed the deputy president moving from Coast to this part of Western Kenya. If there were roads, schools and water projects to be constructed and fundraisers that sought to buy school buses, he was there to offer full support,” noted the MP.

The vocal MP opined there was no leader that was anywhere close to Ruto in terms of solving problems affecting poor Kenyans.

Here is the video;

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