Why being employed and other Youth’s habits can make you poor forever

The biggest riddle in Kenya is how to empower the youth to be financially stable. And abandon the poverty kingdom forever.

Several reports have revealed that the youth are wallowing in poverty despite the higher levels of education attained. This is due to some common behaviours.

Here are some activities that when you engage in as a youth, then automatically earthly riches will only be viewed on ‘Viusasa’.

1. Spending too much time in school


You will find an individual has a degree in business administration and CPA. This person wants to study CFA, ACCA, MSC Finance, MBA, and PhD. For heaven’s sake, what will you do with all these?
Imagine you spend 4 years in undergraduate, 2 years doing masters,4 years studying PhD and another 4 years studying professional courses. All this time, someone is busy building an empire to employ you.
These people spend a lot of time in class, wasting their mental energy and at the end of the day they will earn Ksh 120,000 which is pure nonsense.
I’m not saying that it’s not good to further your education, but you need to understand too much of something is poisonous. The only ideal level is masters, the rest is useless.

2. Alcohol and women


Alcohol misuse and women go hand in hand. If you love both, you’re finished. Kwisha!


3. Betting /gambling

Gambling and betting, long ago, used to be for the rich. Nowadays the poor are the major players in the industry, especially in Kenya. Gambling is not a sound plan to lift you out of poverty. It’s luck.  Gambling is enticing; you will win small cash first but you will lose endlessly. And the earlier young Kenyans see this the better for them and their future.

4. Not minding your business

What is making most Kenyans poor is monitoring other people’ business.

You should not be observing every last action your neighbour or adversary is doing. The time you are squandering is sufficient to make an empire

5. Working for somebody

It’s not bad to work for somebody, but immediately you get that contract, plan an exit strategy. In this case, draw a business plan. If you start a business venture, you will be your own boss, decide what to earn and fulfil your ambitions. You will be disappointed on the way but finally, you’ll master the tricks.

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