‘I need Financial Assistance’ Bobi Wine implores Uganda

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Firebrand Uganda opposition leader Robert Kyangulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine has told Ugandans that he might soon seek Financial Help for the People Power Liberation Movement.

The politician, who is expected to challenge dictator Museveni in 2021 said that they will be releasing official channels that will be used for the same purpose.

“We shall indeed need to be financially supported very soon, and when that time comes, the official channels will be communicated.” Reads a post on his official Twitter handle.

The politician also took time to warn the public about con artists who have been using his name and that of People Power to solicit for funds in their name.

“Over the past days, I have received numerous complaints from friends here & abroad about persons who masquerade as @People_Power_Ug ambassadors to solicit funds in my name & in the name of our struggle. This money never reaches us to perform struggle activities.” He said.

He stressed that they have not sent out anyone to solicit funds on their behalf, and for that matter has not received any money for that purpose.

The latest development comes at a time when Bobi Wine is facing tough financial times as the government cracks the whip on his shows.

He revealed last week that the government wants to kill him financially by blocking his shows and intimidating his business partners.

“All the music sound service providers, stage service providers, music promoters have been ordered not to work with me… the regime is trying to attack me from multiple fronts.”

Security forces have cancelled at least 124 planned concerts since he joined parliament in 2017,

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