Ladies, You Should Never Do This On A First Date

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We have heard of the things to do when you are on a first date, there are things that you should never be caught doing not even if your life depens on it(pan intended). With all the excitement that comes with dates we should try things and situtaions that may make the date go wrong, especially if you like the person you are going out with.

Here is a gentle list of what not to do

1. Past Relationships

A first date might be a possibility for a new beginning, so why waste time talking about past relationships? It’s a big turn off for guys and you might give off the impression that you’re still hung up on your ex.

2. Food Etiquette

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Stay away from anything that might stain, you wouldn’t want an awkward moment during your first date. So no spaghetti or anything with tons of sauce or something that’s considered messy. Also don’t eat too little or too much, just moderately.

3. Phones and Watch

Looking at your phone or watch shows you’re not that interested, and even if he turns out to be a bit boring you shouldn’t do that out of courtesy. Work emails, messages and notifications can wait until you’re done.

4. Excessive Talking About Yourself

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The key to an exciting first date is mutual communication, meaning you shouldn’t keep talking about yourself, but also listen and give him a chance to speak, that way you’ll also know him better.

5. Your Outfit

Stay away from revealing clothes, always leave room for imagination. Also never wear something your grandma would go for, keep it interesting!

6. Taboos

While taboos are always exciting topics to talk about, but most certainly not on a first date. Stay away from religion and politics, not to mention you know what!

7. Keep the Cheque in Mind

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Yes, it’s cute he’ll be paying and all, but please don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu.

8. Keep it Fun

Make sure you’re not being too serious or formal on your first date, keep things fun but not Chandler Bing fun (don’t crack a joke every two seconds). Just be yourself, comfortable, relaxed and with some funny comments.

9. Awkward Silence

It’s only natural to come across that awkward silence during your first date, but it’s up to both of you not to give into it. Think of outside the box topics you can talk about, share your opinions and make sure to keep it going.

10. Messaging

Don’t call or message your date right after you’ve arrived home. Keep him wondering a bit, it’s always fun!

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