Controversial Movie ‘Rafiki’ Songwriter releases New Track

Njoki Karu is one talented young lass. This Kenyan lady is making a name for herself in the music industry. Her strong, bold voice is moving and yet claiming in the tribute track ‘Binadamu’. Written and performed in memory of  Fraciah Wangui Mwangi, the track is somber as the drum beats call all to attention; death is inevitable. The message is considered and well delivered in the lyrics as the instruments chime in to add to the solemn ambiance the track creates. The gravity of the message is poignant, as she sings “Binadamu ni mavumbi (Man is dust) Mavumbini atarudi (And unto dust he shall return).”

‘Binadamu’ is the most recent release from Karu, working with Newman Owor on electric guitar, Nzau Mbithi on bass, Dre Waweru on drums. The track which was mixed and mastered by Victor Mbogo and Athieno has only garnered a little over 8K views on YouTube, despite the talent Karu possesses. But it seems her music is better received on SoundCloud, where she shares some of her best and most intimate music including ‘Let Me Love You,’ ‘Believe’ and ‘Secret Love.’

Njoki Karu has performed on the Capital FM weekly show The Lounge hosted by Capital’s own Chao. She’s also made quite an impression with her Jamuhuri Sessions performances.  The Berklee School of Music student also wrote music for the controversial and award-winning movie ‘Rafiki’.

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