Condoms are not just meant for S3X you know

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Have you as a man or woman who uses condoms ever thought that what if there were more uses to a condom that just sex. Cars were first made purely for people but now they carry goods to.  Camping experts and wilderness survival educators believe there are, one of which is using them as kindling in a pinch. “A latex condom will ignite almost instantaneously and burn furiously for several minutes, allowing you plenty of time to build your fire.

In Cuba, it’s too expensive for most people to afford a boat, fuel and fishing tackle. And fishing from the overcrowded jetties won’t reel in a fish large enough to feed a whole family. So instead, some Cuban fisherman blows into condoms and put them at the end of their poles; the improvised floating devices can carry lines as far as 900 feet off the coastline. The inflated condoms also keep baiting closer to the water’s surface, giving fisherman more strength as they reel in a catch.

People over  at, a place that lets engineers explore, document and share their creations, advocate warming up cooked meat by shoving it in a condom, topping it off with sauce and simmering it for a few minutes. “Though the human body is warm and can get warmer during condom activities, it’s not advised to put the condom in water temperatures above 100ºF (38ºC),” they caution. “Think of it more like sous vide rather than a boiling bag.”

Women in Mozambique regularly receive condoms from health facilities when they go to family-planning meetings. Afraid jealous husbands might find them in their purses, they often give them to their children to make toys. One of the most popular is soccer balls, which kids make by tying a few condoms together and covering them with rags.

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