‘”brother from Meru” wasn’t neccesary’…why Kenyans don’t like Amb McCarter’s reference to Kinoti

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USA ambassador to Kenya has revealed that he appreciates the friendship of his fellow brother from Meru the Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti and the great work he is doing to stop thieves in Kenya.

McCarter has advised that we all pray that the DCI can catch the big fish and make an example of how thievery will not be tolerated in Kenya adding that USA is backing Kinoti 100%.

One Job Michael challenged the ambassador to move fast and agree that the US govt will partner with Kenyan government by returning all hidden wealth in the states to Kenya,or use it to pay some of our loans.

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“Not really. But not overpaying for projects to reduce your debt does make sense,” Kyle replied.

His calling Kinoti his Meru brother has also been taken an issue with some citizens.

“Great message USAmbKenya and indeed DCI Kenya are doing a great job but the “brother from Meru” wasn’t neccesary. It distracts. There is a story about a pig and a chicken agreeing to provide sausages and eggs. Illustrates commitment vs engaged. Let your 100% be 100%”.

“That brother from Meru thing threw me off too,” I Odumbe Kute tweeted.

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“the moment you describe him as a brother “from Meru” we take it that Kenya’s tribalism is getting into your head bwana balozi. Some of us just know him as Kinoti and are happy for the good job he’s doing. Where he comes from is a non-issue to us,”Nkosinathi Bulezi tweeted

The ambassador has expressed that their is very little rest for those that are tasked with fighting thievery in Kenya as well appreciated in addition the friendship and great job being done by Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji .


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