‘Shame on you Mhesh!’-Angry Netizens blast Sonko for stealing the glory from the actual heroes of the rehabilitated Nairobi River

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Netizens have come out guns blazing to rebuke Goveror Sonko for taking credit for a project he played little to no part in. ‘Riding on the glory of noble hardworking citizens’-as one graciously put it.

Sonko took to twitter to show off the new transformed look of Nairobi River riparian land in Korogocho, from a dumpsite to a beautiful safe recreational park. People however took offence.

People’s Park was a dumping site and a crime hotspot in Nairobi, now it’s been transformed into a well-manicured park and a popular spot for residents to meet and play. It is no longer a ‘no-go zone’.

With well-manicured grass, stone paths and trees offering shade from the scorching sun, it has become a popular spot for Korogocho residents to meet and play.

Here are some of their reactions:

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Komb Green Solutions, the reformists group of youths responsible for this great project consist of 69 youths, 36 ladies and 33 gents.

They have reformed from crime and their previous gang life to do something positive in the community after watching many of the

They hope to establish free wifi in the new transformed recreational park. They are striving to keep Nairobi River clean. They have even cleared out space for kids to play, something uncommon in any slum area.

These young individuals are changing the dynamics of employment in the country by going out and creating it themselves, for the betterment of the community as a whole. Their efforts are commedable.

In the meantime, Komb Green Solutions is going to keep doing what it can to increase the number of green spaces around Nairobi, Muchina said.

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The group has identified five other spots to clean up this year.

That means five more communities who will have a new space to help them feel safe, he said.

Korogocho area chief Omache Nyabuto said that while there are no reliable crime rate figures for the slum, he has seen reports of serious crimes drop in the two years since the group cleaned up the park.

Nyabuto stressed that there are also other factors behind the growing peace in the area, but said the park has had a huge positive effect.

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