Bored & Clueless? 7 Places To Visit In Nairobi, With Little Money!

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There are times that you can tell that your man or wife is bored to death and she/he needs some breath of fresh air blown into her mind. On the other hand you are clueless as to where you can take him/her.

Especially when she is a woman, your woman, and she is pregnant. No need to worry, Nairobi is abuzz with good places to hang out in especially on Saturday or a Sunday afternoon. You need a guy who will just point his finger in the right direction.

That guy is me! Call me Uncle…Uncle Jeff..some people in the office call me ”Kijana fupi round”, because that is what I am. I am short and stout, and I love exploring Nairobi. Chepsikor the guy who writes politics doesnt know Nairobi yet he was the first to call me ”Kijana Fupi Round”.

This is where to go if you are bored….

  1. The Nairobi Safari Walk

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The Nairobi Safari Walk is a conservation-based recreational facility like no other. Only 7KM from the bustling Metropolis, here you will find a sampling of what wildlife in Kenya has to offer. Not only is the setting exceptionally serene, but you will get a chance to see some of the rarest animals on the planet. These include: the white Rhino, the Bongo and even the Albino Zebra. What this walk offers, is a chance to see most of Kenya’s wildlife within a single setting.

2.The Mamba Village

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Mamba means Crocodile in Swahili. As the name suggests, this is a crocodile sanctuary. Near Karen, you will get a chance to see real crocodiles sunbathing and feeding. You also get to enjoy some of the most exquisite local cuisine the country has to offer.

3.The National Archives

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The last time nilikuwa Archives nililipa chwani! 50 bob….For a taste of Kenya’s history, visit the National Archives situated right in the middle of the City. Here you will find all sorts of historical records that will help illuminate Kenya’s past.

4.The National Museum

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Just as Nairobi Safari Walk gives you a sampling of what the country has to offer in terms of wild life, the Nairobi National Museum gives you a taste of Kenya’s heritage. Additionally, you will find wonderful dining facilities, a beautiful botanical garden and eclectic shopping facilities.

5. The Elephant Orphanage

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The Elephant Orphanage in Lang’ata gives you the rare opportunity to have an uninhibited view the majestic giants – Elephants. You will get to experience firsthand just how devastating poaching is in the world. It also gives you hope, for within all that anarchy, there is a sanctuary for the baby elephants left behind.

6. The Maasai Ostrich Farm

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Taking a tour of the Maasai Ostrich Farm not only gives you a chance to come face to face with these majestic flightless birds, but it also gives you a chance to ride one of them. There are also some great bird watching facilities as well as an outstanding resort where you can spend the night. You can also order a delicious Ostrich Meat platter.

7.The Brew Bistro

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Kenya is well known for its signature brands; Tusker and Pilsner Larger. But that is not all it has to offer in terms of beer. Brew Bistro is one of the country’s leading mini-brewers. It offers an assortment of lagers, stout, ale and delicious biting topped off with a wonderful atmosphere

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