There can only be so much that a Man will notice about a Kenyan Woman

what men notice- Zumi

We probably think that the things that will catch a man’s attention at first glance are sexually oriented. Well, maybe, but there’s a few other things that men will actually notice about you and some have nothing to do with sex.

1.Your eyes

It seems pretty obvious that he will notice your eyes. They are right there anyway.

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2. Hair

You will want to make a good first impression when meeting a guy for the first time. Fix your hair because he’s going to analyze this extensively.

things men notice giff-zumi
3. Your smile

That is, if the meeting goes on pretty well and you actually get to smile a lot. Smiling communicates a lot and it is probably one of the most attractive things you can be putting on.

4. Your chest

Did you honestly think he would pass this part of your body? Oh, this will always remain a classic. Breasts are a symbol of fertility and according to survey, men will look your chest even if he tries to control because it is a normal tendency, and is controlled through senses.

things men notice giff-zumi

5. Legs

Men get fascinated by the legs of women. Studies have shown that women who have longer legs than are more likely to attract men. Moreover, filled legs (neither skinny nor fatty) attract men at one go towards a woman and become one of the important features of a woman that a man notices.

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6. Dressing

You should be a bit fashion conscience in this department. A man will either be fascinated by your dressing or this can put him off.

kate actress dress style

7. Skin

This is too out there to not notice, therefore you should go the extra mile in taking care of your skin. Make sure you moisturize to leave it hydrated and avoid dryness.  Men notice a healthy, good complexion in a woman.

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They notice these things but it doesn’t mean you take care of your body so that a man can notice you. You ought to take care of yourself whether a man is checking you out or not, are we together?

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