Aren’t Kenyan love songs the best?

sanaipei tande

More often than not, Kenyan end up supporting international or foreign music more than their very own, which is a sad reality. Except for the old breed of musicians from the 2000s who enjoyed seeing their music get proper airplay and heavy reception from Kenyans, the new generation is also proving to pay attention to Kenyan music.

We enjoy hearing foreign love songs but sometimes you just want to get into the mood through a language that you speak everyday. Our own local love songs serve the best purpose for that.

And as they say, ‘What is love without some good music?’ Here is a playlist of amazing Kenyan love songs that will get you in the mood for some cuddling with bae.

1.  Probably For Lovers – Just A Band


2.  Niwe Wako – Sheila Mwanyigha


3.  Bebi Bebi -Atemi


4. Saa zingine – Didge


5.  Haiwi Haiwi – Wendy Kimani ft. Bien


6. Kesho – Habida


7.  Mfalme Wa Mapenzi – Sanaipei Tande

Which one is your favorite?

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