Hypocrisy In Alexis Sanchez Apology To Man Utd Fans

Alexis Sanchez has issued an apology to Manchester United fans after another disappointing season at Old Trafford.

He’s never got going since joining United but his wages won’t be matched elsewhere, so the club could have a dilemma on its hands.

It will be disappointing if Sanchez is still playing for United next season.

A lot more was expected of the Chilean when he joined the club in a swap deal that saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan go the other way, to Arsenal.

He pockets half a million pounds every week and the best we get is some pictures of his two dogs (Atom & Humber) on Instagram…

Well, Sanchez took the Instagram again on Sunday night without a dog in sight. This time he fronted the criticism he has been receiving since becoming a United player.

Accepting that his performances have been unacceptable, Sanchez attributed his poor form to injuries!

“It was a very tough season… the fan are the ones who deserve an apology as they always support you no matter what happens,” Sanchez said.

“Personally, I didn’t perform as much as I was expecting because of unpredictable injuries. I was always a professional in all aspects.

“I apologise to the fans for not being able to achieve our goals, nevertheless we are Manchester United!

“Players and Staff and questioning if we were doing the right thing and if we were giving our best for this football shirt… I’m certain that Manchester United one day will return to be the club, as it was in the old days with Mr. Alex Ferguson.”

Calling a spade a spade, Sanchez looks finished as a player. He doesn’t seem cut out for the top level anymore.

That would suggest José Mourinho signed a dud in January of 2018.

However, when Sanchez says he was professional in all aspects, does he think Mourinho would agree?

Neil Custis from The Sun stated back in December that Sanchez sent a message to a WhatsApp group revelling in Mourinho’s sacking while revealing he’d won a bet worth £20k with Marcos Rojo.

How professional of him to place on bet on his manager getting sacked…

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