Raila’s free piece of advice to Obado as they broke into dances in Nyatike

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Over a long period of time, ODM leader Raila Odinga and embattled Migori Governor Okoth Obado have not been seeing an eye since Obado differed with the party in the past polls.

But the two seem to be back together again! When Obado was arrested over Sharon Otieno’s murder, there were speculations that linked Raila to the arrest, citing the senatorial by-elections in the County s the reason. People argued that Raila wanted Obado to be out so as to win massive support for Ochillo Ayacko.

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On Friday, Raila challenged Governor  Obado to involve all political leaders in Migori County when making social-economic decisions.

The two appeared to have reconciled, and had some light moments on stage in Nyatike during the homecoming of Tom Odege. It was the first time Obado accompanied Raila to a function in as many months.

“We fought for counties to bring development closer. Let the governor involve other leaders in discussing development matters. Political differences should be discouraged when people are supposed to talk about clean water and sugar factories,” he said in reference to Migori County politics

“We are witnessing these development projects in Nyanza because of the handshake. There was a time this region was segregated,” he said.

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Governor Okoth Obado has not been reading from the same script with Senator Ochillo Ayacko. MPs led by Suna East lawmaker Junet Mohammed have also been at loggerheads with the governor.

Mr Obado on his part vowed to work with the current political leaders, adding that political differences should be discount. He said he’s ready to engage all leaders.

But Miguna Miguna has a different version of understanding the new relationship of the two.

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