“Do not export your bad manners to our party” Ruto Warns Raila


When will William Ruto ever stop castigating his political enemies anytime he get’s a chance?

This weekend saw Ruto take his attacks on Opposition Chief Raila Odinga to Turkana.

Ruto has said that Raila is a man who cannot be trusted and as such, Kenyans should not take whatever he say’s seriously.

The Deputy President has Said that Raila Odinga should respect the Jubilee Party and all it’s decisions since he also has his own Party, ODM to run.


Ruto has maintained that in Jubilee, everything is done is broad daylight and they mean whatever they say and always walk their talk unlike Raila and ODM.

” If you are used to lying and conning people, that is not part of our political infrastructure in Jubilee. Do not export your bad manners to our party” Said Ruto.

Ruto was Speaking at an inter-denominational church service, Kakuma Town, Turkana West, Turkana County.

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