The Sorry State Samburu Residents Have Been Living in For Two Weeks

As it is in the public knowledge, Tuberculosis (TB) is a very dangerous disease that if not given immediate care, may lead to fatality.

It is a disease caused by bacteria that are spread through the air from person to person.

Anyone stand the risk of being infected with Tuberculosis. Therefore, it is the right of everyone to be protected by the government.

Samburu TB patients to finally get drugs after Citizen TV expose

Unfortunately, the residents of Samburu have suffered for TB without anyone caring for a period of a fortnight.

This until one media station Citizen Television exposed the county for not providing TB drugs to patients in Maralal.

After the expose’, Samburu Deputy Governor Julius Leseto on Friday issued an unreserved apology to the patients.

He further assured them that the county will now be ordering the drugs in good time to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Leseto further directed the CEC Health to ensure that due process is followed for the drugs to be delivered in good time and reports are handed in.

He, however, criticized the national headquarters for the delay and urged for enhanced coordination with the county officials.

It was a huge reprieve for TB patients.

This was just but one case, there are many other marginalized areas that the government has not taken into serious consideration.

In January 2018, the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) has identified water, health services and education access as key issues that marginalized counties lack.

Commission on Revenue Allocation

The commission’s chair, Jane Kiringai, said 5.6 million people live marginalized areas, even as they comprise the largest part of the country.

Due to the isolation, it is disheartening that some communities in some parts of the country feel that they live in a different country altogether and not Kenya.

This is the sorry state that some Kenyans live and yet our leaders usually come with a lot of promises during their campaigns.


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