Who bewitched Kenyan Parents?

kenyan parent

Honestly, it’s like we’ve all been raised by the same parents but i different bodies. From the hilarious (exagerrated) stories of how they used to go to school to how they all respond to their kids, Kenyan parents are one of a kind.

So, a picture of two men (one elderly and one young) in a private jet once made rounds on social media with people trying to imagine what they are talking about. The pose between the two looked like that of a parent and child, with the young man paying attention to what the elderly man was telling him.

Kenyans on Twitter have likened it to the conversations between parents and their children when they were about to go back to school.

Check out these hilarious tweets.

1. Ati Golgi bodies…Haha. 

Ati mmeitishwa Mitochondrion na Golgi bodies za Ksh 1000? Utaenda kutumia za wengine

2. No half term.

Ati bus fare ya mid-term? Kaa shule ufanye revision ya mocks.

3. When you want a new uniform.

“Siwezi nunua shati kila term. Pia wewe iba kama wengine.”

4. Why do you want to many soaps?

Hii “shower soap” ni ya nini tena na ulishaandika “washing soap”?

5. Woiyee.

“Hii Toughees ni nini?
Eti viatu? Listen youngman, kiatu yangu ya kwanza nilivaa nikiwa Form Faev.”

6. haha.

“Nivea Lotion 1/2 liter, Protex Jumbo Pack…. Mlianza kufanya Beauty Contest Shule?”


Lol, Kenyan parents are just the best.

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