What next for Huduma Namba defaulters?

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The controversial Huduma Namba escapades continue to haunt the defying Kenyans as its deadline narrows.

There are many speculations around the Huduma Namba that need to be attended to before deciding whether to register or not.

The government on its side did not offer civic education to Kenyans but instead forced it into them.

Now the country is in fear of what will happen if they take or not take Huduma Namba.

The first threat from the government was that one will not secure passports if they don’t register with the process.

The court barred the government from taking DNA and GPS data. But how secure is the Huduma anyway?

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Kenyans are scared that taking Huduma Namba might risk their property and other things affiliated Huduma Namba and at the same time they are scared of what might befell them if they fail to register.

So what now?

A social media user posed that the CID denied him service because he had not registered.


However, the Kenya CID through Twitter rubbished the claims saying that securing good conduct does not require one to have Huduma Namba.

Huduma Namba registration will end in a week’s time with some Kenyans waiting on the last minute or even its extension for them to be ‘serious’.

The whole Huduma Namba process has heated for a start of revolution trying to oust the Jubilee government from power.

But are Kenyans even ready for a revolution? The answer is NO!

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