These TBT Classics started ‘Team Mafisi’ Revolution

Forget the New Wave of Kenyan Music which glorifies sex and eroticness in all manner of levels. Kenyan artists from the 2000s were definitely on some other level because the music they produced and released were so nasty and cryptic while others were simply very clear with what they actually meant.

Judging by the way Kenyan men really love the ladies these days, there is obviously the genesis of all this outward show of affection. We blame it on the music we used to listen and sing along to as kids.

The following songs definitely contributed to the creation of the current generation of ‘Team Mafisis’  roaming the streets.

1. Juala – Circuit and Joel
2. Naskia Utamu – The Bugz
3. We Kamu – Nonini
4. Nampenda John – Wakimbizi
5. Wezere – Bobby Mapesa

As interesting as this music was, we have to say, it has definitely played a role in how the current generation of youth and millennials has turned out.

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