Governor Tolgos to Pay Huge for Links With Gideon Moi

Elgeyo-Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos recently decamped Deputy President William Ruto’s camp and this has landed him in hot soup.

He has been accused of demeaning William Ruto despite depending on the latter’s support to secure his second term in 2017.

On Tuesday, Tolgos cut links with DP Ruto’s ‘Tanga Tanga’ team, accusing it of insults and abuses. In an interview, although he did not directly reveal his next move, he was however of full praises to KANU leader Gideon Moi.

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“I am neither in Tanga Tanga nor Kieleweke teams but I do not like the way members of the Tanga Tanga team are doing their things. It should be known that I will never be part of that team. I like the way Gideon Moi is doing his business. He does not insult anyone and will respect you for who you are. He is just like me,” the governor told the Nation.

Last month, Tolgos was one of few leaders allowed to mourn with former President Daniel Moi, following the death of Jonathan Moi. DP William Ruto only attended the funeral but did not meet with Moi.

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While addressing the press at the Assembly in Iten, the ward reps led by Majority Leader Nathan Kilimo (Sambirir Ward), Deputy Speaker Christopher Kibor (Arror Ward), Musa Limo (Tambach Ward) and John Yator (Emsoo Ward) hit out at Mr Tolgos over what they termed as disrespect for the DP.

“It is clear that he is joining Kanu. The reason for his leaving is his own decision best known to him. We want to clearly state that he is alone in this,” Kilimo said, adding that they are aware he had joined Moi’s camp.

Mr Tolgos was also seen holding meeting with Gideon Moi during the period Mr Jonathan died. He was accompanied by Moiben MP Silas Tiren and Tiaty lawmaker William Kamket. The two are staunch critics of DP Ruto.

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Although the ward reps did not issue immediate step they will take against Tolgos, he might face difficulties in implementation of his budget. MCAs are responsible for passing of budget in the assembly.

Last week, Dr Ruto suffered a blow when one of his financier, Zedekiah Bundotich alias Buzeki, also announced his decision to leave Tanga Tanga team, which is associated with the DP.

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