Would You Mind A Vaccum Cleaner That Swears?

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We are living in an era of technology and it seems to be making our lives more bearable. Just the other day robot sex toys were released and it seems to be making good business in places like China where they even have a brothel dedicated from ‘technological s3x’.

Now, in light of making life easier, Michael Reeve, a YouTuber decided to modify his Roomba vacuum cleaner to swear off like a human when it hits stuff.

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A Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot and features a set of sensors that enable it to move across house floors and clean them.

It does the cleaning by driving around, spotting dirt through its dirt detection system, and cleaning it up. The vacuum cleaner has a bumper ring that gives the Roomba ability to run into walls and bounce right back off, change it’s navigation and continue cleaning.

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With Michael Reeve, he removed the cleaning parts to make room for other gadgets in his Roomba. He added Raspberry Pi to detect collisions and play a sound through a Bluetooth speaker every time the Roomba hit stuff.
He recorded his YouTuber friends like iDubbz and maxmoefoePokemon swearing off and plays them every time there’s collusion.

Here’s The Video

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