Why Obado want Sharon Otieno’s family Lawyers out of his case

Migori County Governor Okoth Obado is seeking to have slain Rongo University Student Sharon Otieno’s family lawyers out of the case in which he is linked.

The governor argues that the case should be Prosecuted by the state and not family lawyers.

This fresh application made the kick off of his trial on Tuesday morning to fail.

There have been concerns from Sharon Otieno’s family over the decision by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to drop a conspiracy to murder charge against Obado.

Their concern came on the eve of the resumption of the case today at the High Court.

The family says the decision to drop the charge last October was suspect. The County Chief has been charged in the case alongside his two aides Caspal Obiero and Michael Oyamo.

Prosecution has however maintained that it has lined up a list of 30 witnesses against them. With the move of things, do you think Sharon Otieno’s family will finally get justice?

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