Vihiga County Assembly on Spot over ‘Honourable’ Wars.

Wrangles between Nominated and Elected Members of County Assembly in Vihiga county continuous to escalate as blame games become the norm between the two groups.

Earlier on Monday, a section of nominated MCAs released a statement blaming their elected counterparts for undermining them in the housing assembly. This came after they were replaced on various house committees, something that hasn’t gone down well with them.

According to the statement, they claimed that elected MCAs have been plotting against them and even met at an unspecified date in Kisumu to throw them out of the committees.

‘’On diverse dates, all the 25 elected (24 men & 1 woman) MCAS if Vihiga county met in Kisumu purposely to oust majority of nominated MCAS who all women from house business committees and leadership positions are.’’ The statement read in part.

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They took issue with their men counterparts for taking all the leadership positions in the house something that goes against the gender mainstreaming agenda.

‘’All those leadership positions have been taken over by men. This has denied the female nominated law makers a chance to serve in the committees’’

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Among those accused of coming up with the plot to throw them out includes:

  1. Nickson butiya- MCA shiru ward, Dep speaker
  2. Wycliffe masini-MCA mungoma ward, leader of the majority
  3. Tom atingo-MCA luanda south ward minority leader
  4. Victor ijaika-MCA lugaga wa muluma ward, the majority whip
  5. Moses opole-MCA emabungo ward, dep.majority whip
  6. Douglas beru-MCA shamakhokho ward, the minority whip
  7. Zakayo manyasa- MCA mwibona ward, dep.minority whip.
  8. Vincent atsiaya- MCA wodanga ward, chair pac

They went ahead to call on all women in Vihiga County to come out and support them as they step up their efforts in the house assembly.

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‘’We condemn this act of greediness; segregation self-centeredness and we call upon all the women of Vihiga county to come together in support of their fellow women who are being stamped upon by their male chauvinist MCAs’’ said the statement

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