‘None of us had Herpes,’ Hopekid Opens up on the S&x Scandal Claims

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Hope Kid has spoken out about his involvement in a sex scandal involving a college student and fellow artiste DK Kwenye Beat.

Hope Kid and DK Kwenye beat are accused of preying on a 20-year-old student from Nakuru and luring her into a threesome.

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Now Hope Kid has set the record straight.

“The lady had been my friend, and we chatted from time to time. She had reached out wanting to be a model on my songs, but the photos she posted on Instagram were too revealing for my brand. I just told her I would hook her up with any secular artistes if something came up”.

He added,

In all these, I was guilty of one thing only, introducing DK to the lady. I did it as it was the most natural thing to do to a person I literally hang out with every day. kumbe, it will lead to so much more.

A week after the sex scandal leaked and hit headlines, Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat headed to a private hospital in Nairobi to get tested.

None of us had herpes. Even the office of the DPP said the whole thing was a waste of time.

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Hope Kid also blamed the church and his fellow Christians for not supporting and standing by him when the scandal broke.

He revealed that he was once chased from a church because of the threesome-sex-scandal.

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