This Is What A Bae-cation Suit Case Looks Like

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This is just not an ordinary vacation, yes you will have fun but truth be told at some point and I believe at many point things may get sizzling hot if not steamy.

We’re done with family vacays now it’s time to enjoy your bae… sorry enjoy your baecation so let’s get packing. Wait, what are we packing in our bags?

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Before you roll your eyes, please know that apart from lingerie and massage oils , contraception is important. Nobody wants a surprise baby folks. Sometimes the place where you are going to vacation may not have a any pharmacies or supermarkets around, what then will you do?

2. Sunscreen
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Who here has ever had to have s3x with a large sunburn anywhere on their body? Sis, it is the worst. You are literally on fire for all the wrong reasons. We’ll tell you what’s a lot of fun though. .. Putting sunscreen on each other as a form of foreplay. This will be fun especially when tackling those hard to reach places(wink, wink).

3. Experiment
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If you are travelling to very hot places you could spice things up with ice-cubes. Imagine kissing bae with an ice cube in your mouth… on his nipples, inner thighs, stomach. If that did not give you goosebumps I don’t know what else will.

4. Pack smart
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Pack all those sex toys that you’ve been hoarding for a special day. What is more special than being on vacation? You guys have so much time and can do all the things you’ve been fantasizing about all year. So make sure to pack that vibrator ring and handcuffs. It’s going to be a wild ride

Have fun this Christmas with Bae. Give each other memories for 2019. Tell us in the comments, what you will be packing for your sex vacation!

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