Huddah reveals her take on marriage

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Socialite, Huddah Monroe has disappointed her many admirers after she said that marriage is not her thing. She shared the message through her Insta stories.

Sharing Dr. Myles Munroe message ‘The beauty and dangers of marriage’, she said that marriage is a choice and not mandatory. “The way people talk about marriage like it’s a must smh! I don’t even think of it 1 time. Living my best life,” she said.

This comes after Gospel musician, Masterpiece confessed his love for her. He recently shared a photo of Huddah and captioned it; “If you see her for me, mwambie masterpiece anataka kumpeleka church Sunday.”

In response, Huddah commented; “Lol! Hi young man.” This was not the first time the artiste was showing his interest in Huddah. He had previously confessed the same during an interview.

He said that he had a crush on her because she is a smart woman. He went on to say that there are very few smart women out there and a man can only have a good life when he has a smart woman.

“Kuna dada mmoja pale mimi namlike sana anaitwa Huddah. Namlike kama crush kwa sababu wanawake wachache sana wako kama yeye. She is a very smart woman na mwanaume kuwa na mwanamke smart kama yeye basi maisha yako iko sawa,” said Masterpiece.

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He also sent a message to the socialite saying that he has been following up on the things she does and that he will keep praying for her. He said that he will take her to church to get saved;

“Huddah mahali popote ulipo mimi ni msanii wa kizazi kipya wa injili na nakufuatilia sana nitakuombea sana na nitakupeleka kanisani utaokoka.”

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Masterpiece is not the only celebrity who has expressed his love for Huddah. His fellow musician, Kagwe Mungai had also confessed his love for Huddah in the past;

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“I have many reasons and I’ve told her. I think she’s hardworking and the fact that she’s built a strong brand for herself. Na obviously anakaa fiti sana. I like an independent woman, I like a woman who wants a man in her life, but does not need a man.”

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