Muthama Downplays Uhuru’s Efforts Towards Corruption

Former Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama has weighed in on the fight against corruption and does not see any fruits of the President Uhuru’s fight against corruption.

According to the senator, the arrests that have been witnessed in the recent past are just but a charade to confuse Kenyans that something was being done while nothing in real sense was happening.

Speaking to on a TV, Muthama opined there was need to develop alternative methods of dealing with corruption in the country.

“Let’s stop disturbing (Chief Justice David) Maraga and the courts with graft cases, the number of people who have stolen public funds are so many and if they are convicted they will overwhelm the prisons. This story of arresting people and presenting them in courts will not help at all,” he said.

The Wiper party official further noted the country needs to review the lifestyle of some individuals and ascertain their source of wealth.

“If you are the president, we know where you were born and where you studied, even (ex-president Mwai) Kibaki we know the school he went to has never been renovated, then, how comes someone went through the same school and they come out to be the richest in the country?” he posed.

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Muthama’s sentiments came barely days after human rights activists were up in arms in Nairobi city against corruption in the Jubilee administration.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during his State of the Nation Address assured Kenyans he was committed to the fight against graft, but noted he would not use vigilante justice and no amount of protests would compel him to sack corrupt leaders.

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