The mixed path of a 20 something-year-old

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Sometimes you will feel like you’re on top of the world, while other times it’s like you’re drowning. There are moments when happiness seems to grow out of you and then moments when the world looks colorless and dull.

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The changes in your emotions, moods, and attitudes toward certain things is simply part of the process. I am not saying it’s all good, but experiencing all these acquaints you to know yourself better. It can give you a perspective on the things that make you tick, sad, or happy.

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Sometimes you go on Facebook or Instagram and see these grand vacations some of your friends are going on, or these cute romantic dates that girl you knew from high school is having, or maybe that college friend thriving so well in a career which seems very purposeful.

Then you look at your own life and ask, “What exactly am I doing?” Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. Everyone has their own pace and time.

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Nevertheless, it is too early to give up. There’s still a whole world out there full of possibilities that can be explored until you finally find the thing your soul is searching for.

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