Naiboi’s moves ‘breaking’ Viviane’s marriage

The Naiboi is on the ‘lose’ breaking marriages here on the streets and Vivian’s relationship with husband is at stake.

Naiboi sarcastically asked Vivian if he will break her marriage is he dare comment on her pictures.

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At the wake of Friday last week, Versatile singer Vivian leaked screenshots between Naiboi, Savara, her husband and herself.

The screenshots were about an ‘intimate’ part in their new song ‘Cheza chini’ and the husband was suggesting to be deleted.

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Naiboi was adamant saying that the fans need to see the chemistry in the artists to bring that music vibe.

Viviane’s husband, Sam West left the group leaving the three behind.

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The video was dropped on Monday and has got massive response from their fans.

In a recent post, Vivian shared her picture and Naiboi sarcastically commented.

Here is her post;

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