REVEALED: “How I Spent My Entire Salary At B-Club In One Night”

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Meet Wanyoike. He’s an avid party goer and a man that prefers the finer things in life.

Wanyoike has a pretty stable job as an auditor in the CBD, and for personal details, he prefers not to disclose the company that he works for.

Nevertheless, during the day, Wanyoike is an honest man that meets all the targets that are set out for him by the company.

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During the night, the man transforms completely. He becomes a party animal that graces every posh club in Nairobi.

But eventually, he found himself falling in love with the ambiance, the vibe, and of course, the beautiful women that graced the posh B-Club.

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As an auditor, as well as including his other side-hustles, Wanyoike earns a stable ksh 250,000 a month.

An envious salary for any individual in his late twenties!

Wanyoike, confident of his financial standing, found himself occasionally popping up at B-club twice a month.

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At first, despite his bill coming to a whopping Ksh 30,000 a night, he could still afford it because he was a bachelor and could handle parting with ksh 60,000 from his massive Ksh 250,000 salary.

However, everything changed one night…a night that made him sober up financially.

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That fateful evening, Wanyoike was in the company of a beautiful dame he had initially chatted up the previous month when they had met at the club.

The woman was of caramel complexion; a particular weakness for the s3x-craved Wanyoike who, as he describes, had gone three weeks without lungula…

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So as expected, Wanyoike met the lovely dame, sure that tonight he would be ravaging some lady parts later in the evening.

After spending some time with her, and buying drinks, Wanyoike kept the liquor flowing.

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In turn, the lovely caramel diva seduced him with sensual dance moves that would make any man go nuts.

Things went smoothly…

Then around noontime, a large bevy of girls enters the club. To Wanyoike’s shocking surprise, all the women were friends of the caramel dame (as Wanyoike had nicknamed her).

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And seeing as Wanyoike had made strides, he proceeded to purchase for them liquor in plenty.

After partying hard, the woman that Wanyoike was destined to go home with suddenly said she was feeling ill, and that her friends had to take her home.

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That’s when Wanyoike realized he has been played the fool. When the bill footed came to his table, the man almost dropped dead. The bill had come to a whopping Kshs 248,500.

In the end, Wanyoike left with a meager Ksh 1200 in his account. He recalls calling a dear friend who manged to bail him out on his rent, as well as providing him with the necessary funds to fuel his car to work and to do basic shopping for food in his house.

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