Proactive Mombasa Undercover Police Nab More Drugs

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An impromptu police swoop led to the arrest of two people in Mombasa after they were found in possession of narcotics worth millions of shillings.

In the raid, Police managed to detain Salima Bakari Ali and Zainab Abdi Farah after a tip-off from members of the public led the cops to their hideout.

Police had tracked the two women to their residence from where they found a powdery substance upon mounting a search.

Reports indicate that the suspected drug traffickers had concealed the drugs in a polythene bag when police found it.

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Drug addict covers his face

Police confirmed the drug was heroin worth a whopping Sh3 million.

Only last month, a Mombasa-based tycoon was arrested with heroin worth Sh1.5 million.

Police had nabbed the businessman on his way to hand over the drug to his chain of distributors.

During the raid, bundles of cash were also recovered.

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