No Loud Music! Sonko’s Advice to people living in Rented Flats

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Living in Rental houses in Nairobi has never been easy. However, people just have to cope with the environment as it is.

First, to survive in rented flats you have to accept to live with different kinds of people. yes, you must come into terms with diversity and embrace it.

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Rental Flats

The Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko must have had a taste of life in rented flats where people play loud music without minding their neighbors and has come out to offer a piece of advice to people living rented flats.

Taking to social media the Nairobi governor advised people to limit their music volume as it may be a distraction to neighbors.

“If you stay in rental flats, don’t play loud music. Try to limit the volume of the music within the confines of your house. Don’t assume you are entertaining your neighbor with ur latest collections, it is ANNOYING, he could be reading for exams or has a toddler who is trying to sleep.” Mike Sonko wrote

Next time you have a full blast volume in your house, remember Mike Sonko’s words.

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