LEVEL UP! Ciara and Rusell Wilson announce Exciting New Project

The dynamic duo of singer Ciara and Russell Wilson are in the process of setting up a production house.

The married couple announced their new business venture dubbed ‘Why Not You Productions’ is set to change the scene when it comes to storytelling. Excited about what it would bring for the duo, both Ciara and Russell are invested in ensuring great stories are told by the production house.

Ciara who has an established career as a singer and performer since 2003, first stepped into the spotlight as a High school leaver. She has continued to grow her craft, earning great acclaim within the music industry as a Grammy-winning artist.

Russell Wilson is equally invested in this project despite not being within the entertainment industry. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback recently landed a historic deal earning him $140 million, and a four-year extension with the Seahawks. The particulars of the deal saw the father of 2 named the highest paid player in the NFL. With lots of earnings between the two, the production house is set to have no limitations said: what it sets out to achieve.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Why Not You Productions, is a company that will focus on creating film, television, and digital content projects — both scripted and unscripted — that will include, but not be limited to, “inspiring and aspiring narratives and human interest stories”.

Speaking about what they hope to achieve, the duo said: “While we work in different fields in our day-to-day, we are excited to come together to collaborate and create stories that we hope will touch people’s lives.”

“We are both storytellers at heart and we want to be able to share stories that uplift people and inspire others to create positive change. That’s ultimately what we want this company to represent.”

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