Lazy Ministry Employees Cry Foul As Magoha Calls For Meetings at 6 Am

The new Education minister has been going through fire from KNUT officials and a section of Kenyans who think he is militarizing the docket- but it seems even workers at the Ministry are feeling the weight on his fist.

The staff accuse the CS Prof George Magoha of being big headed and intimidating, always invoking the president’s name at the slightest opportunity to talk down both the senior and junior staff at Jogoo House, which is the Education ministry headquarters.

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“He’s one person who talks about president’s instructions in very trivial issues,” lamented a senior ministry official.

Insiders say Prof Magoha calls his meetings before six in the morning something that ministry workers used to reporting to work at 10am find torturous.

“Whereas government business normally starts at eight in the morning, Prof Magoha reports in the office at 5.30 am and starts making random calls as he asks questions and retorts how lazy we are and wonders which kind of schools we went to,” lamented a worker.

When ordering the ministry officials to report to his office immediately, the CS would allegedly pose the signature question, “Where are we getting money from?”

Senior officers are at a loss since most of them graduated from the same University of Nairobi, where Magoha was vice chancellor for ten years

Recently, Magoha made an impromptu visit only to find majority of the workers were not at work by 10. 00 m in the morning . He went on to threaten sacking them;

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