Brutal Miguna Calls for the Arrest of Raila Odinga

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has called for investigation bodies to arrest and charge former Prime Minister Raila Odinga because he helped Kidero loot public funds.

Kidero was arrested last week and charged with fraudulently paying sh 68 million to law firm during his time as governor of Nairobi.

But Miguna Miguna has termed the charge as an insult since Kidero stole more than sh200 billion from Mumias Sugar and the County government of Nairobi.

He wants Kidero to be charged with everyone whom he ‘ate’ the money with including Raila and his ODM Party.

“We know that Raila Odinga was paid by Kidero and remained in his payroll for 10 years. Stop selective prosecutions and charge everyone. ” reads part of Miguna’s volatile post.

There have been claims that Kidero used public funds to finance Raila in the 2017 elections. He did the same in 2013 using money ‘stolen’ from Mumias Sugar.

Miguna has further urged Kidero to expose everyone he shared his ill gotten wealth with, saying the ex-governor has nothing to lose now apart from his ill gotten wealth.

On Sunday, Miguna took to social media to announce the death of Raila Odinga. He said the ODM leader died tragically due to SELF-INFLICTED wounds of betrayal, cowardice and greed.

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