Kalonzo adds another term to the Dictionary of Church leaders

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has added another term which he wants the church leaders to be using.

Attending the funeral service of the late Jonathan Moi which was held at Kabarak University in Rongai Nakuru Area, Kalonzo reminded the church leaders of the terms they misuse.

Hon Kalonzo Musyoka urged the Church leaders to refer to legislatures as political leaders other than politicians.

Kalonzo Musyoka expressed his dissatisfaction that calling them politicians is gross and in some way belittles their value.

Also Kalonzo in a way disagreed with banning of politics in church. According to him,allowing them to express their political ideas in church allows the church leaders to know how they will pray for them.

On the late Jonathan Moi, Kalonzo poured lots of praise describing him as a humble man who was open to everybody.

Jonathan Moi is expected to be laid to rest in his native home of Kabimoi later today.

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