Khaligraph distances himself from fan ‘wishing’ death on Octopizzo

Khaligraph Jones has today disagreed with a fan who placed a ‘death wish’ on Octopizzo who is Khaligraph’s greatest competition.

Khaligraph and Octopizzo are the big names in the rap music placing Kenya on the International charts yet the duo seem to differ on so many things.

Although Khaligraph pretty much down plays it in most instances, Octopizzo outrightly spells it out that he does not acknowledge the OG.

A fan in the comment section asked Khaligraph Jones to start creating a freestyle rap that he will sing as a tribute to Octopizzo after his death.

Khaligraph had given a tribute to American Rapper Nipsey Hussle that sparked a lot of reactions and his fan says that Khaligraph’s tribute to Octopizzo should be of the same standard.

The remarks by the fan were made as Khaligraph was hyping his new song Superman which drops today.

In response to this ‘deathwish’ Khaligraph disagreed with his fan stating that people should not wish death upon others and learn how to show them love despite the hate.

No No bro, please tusiombee ndugu zetu kifo,ata kama wanatuchukia bado sisi tunawaonyesha upendo ama vipi “he said in his post

On whether this beef is ending anytime soon? It does not seem like it and Octopizzo says that he would only work with Khaligraph on a collabo if money is involved.

However, Khaligraph on his end has publicly dressed off his ego and once supported Octopizzo’s music.

Have a look at the screenshot

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