William Ruto vows to unapologetically continue with his church donations

The Anglican Leader in Kenya has been involved in talks touching on the Harambee and funding that have been the talk of the town and seemed to be directed to the Deputy President, William Ruto.

The leader, Jackson Sapit had earlier last week barred any donations given towards the Anglican Church in the whole country and was later joined by other church leaders.

The Deputy President is notoriously known for his generosity towards church donations and he has been seen doing it nationwide until his moves were calculated by his rivals who in turn blamed it to the church for accepting ‘unclean’ money.

However, the DP ha in several occasions defended has move saying he was better placed donating his money to the church other than others whom he aid were taking money to itch doctors to for political gains.

Earlier today oh his Twitter handle, Ruto defended his deeds saying that they have been taught from their young age to kneel before God, and worship him alone as the only reason he stands before men.

He went ahead to say that nothing is going to bar him and his team from serving him with their hearts and substances here implicating the money donations.

A close confidant to the DP, Kipchumba Murkomen was also not left in the debate of banning donations generated to the church by politicians saying that he would love to see it implemented.

But his reaction seemed to be more of satire than it was a real agreement with the church saying that the ban should as well except sinners from giving their tithes and offerings as well as in the general church growth developments like harambees.

Ruto has been the centre of talk on almost every matter of national interest for the good and bad reason which is seen by many as a way of fighting his state house entry bid.

These complains come at a time when the country is experiencing massive peace as a result of the famed handshake which on the other different hand is causing ripples in the reigning faction of Jubilee Party which are apparently said to be riding on thorns.

The Party is said to be divided into two factions, Team Tanga Tanga which is in defence of the Deputy and Team Kieleweke who are against him in the 2022 Presidential race.

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